Exhibit Space is a series of editable exhibitions rotating through different realms of space in which the viewer can interact with forms of exhibition display--turning the invisible visible and calling upon the viewer to think critically about the act of exhibiting. The same contentless content was displayed throughout the spaces to draw attention to the space itself and the forms of exhibition.

Exhibit Space addresses the nature of space in relation to the act of exhibiting. How does space affect the way we percieve art? What is the role of the deep-rooted forms inherent to exhibitions in contemporary spaces? Frames and pedestals are a means, in physical space, to elevate(and/or justify) work in the physical realm. The act of putting something into a frame or on top of a pedestal, or putting a spotlight on something automatically transforms the way we look at an object. If you had a sketch in your sketchbook and you put it into a frame, it instantly elevates and justifies the sketch, or at the very least sets up a dialogue for the viewer to consider a "peice of art" worthy of being displayed. As we are living in the digital age in which space is being redefined, we must reevalate all realms of space as a means to exhibit. moving through these different realms of space, how these idea and forms inherent to exhibitions, like frames and pedestals, reconstructed in a way genuine to the medium? What is the equivalent of a frame or of a gallery on a website or on a yard sign or on a usb? As these boundaries of space are being redefined, so is our relationship with exhibitions. Things are less stagnant with more room for speculation. A sense of interactivity and participation is becoming more and more a part of the world of exhibition. The role of the art institution is also being redefined. Things are not so black and white. We are a society who likes to be engaged and this psychological shift is playing a role in the act of exhibiting today. An exhibition can live beyond a physical space and the limitations of time.

Exhibit Space is a project by Kaitlin Kobs.